Harmony – perhaps the greatest communal work of this century

As I write, I am headed to Melbourne where I will address various communities throughout Victoria this May. A highlight will be speaking at the Harmony Festival in Warburton with folk like Andrew Harvey and David Tacey among others. Harmony – I see – as the great requisite communal work of this century. And we are just beginning to learn what “harmony” will require. As part of the festival I will be naming how I see the work and inviting various audiences to join me in its exploration. The dates 16-18 May.

On the eve of the Festival, I will take part what we hope is a dialogue that might move toward healing between Christians and Pagans.We realize this is treacherous ground as millions have been killed over the centuries by misunderstanding and fear of the other.

On Friday, I will present a long workshop on “The Dark Mother” – helping us explore the movements of Quadratos through the myth of Inanna. On Saturday morning, I move into my signature work – presenting the Four Mystical Paths of The Christ. Finally Sunday afternoon finds me in a panel discussion.

Join me and many others in this festival of exploration: www.warburtonharmonyfestival.com

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Here is the very rundown. What is musical. Ly?

Musical. Ly, the very Shanghai-based social-media marketing, has long been extremely popular with teens and preteens. Reactions directly on app’s variety of people vary from 60 million right to 120 million. Regardless, millions of boys and girls are using it to create 15-second films of themselves singing, lip-syncing and dancing. The very app, which was highlighted directly on 2014, has long been free of charge for getting Apple and Android products. People, or “Musers” mainly because followers of a app touch themselves, can simply follow fund to keep up tabs on their favorite performers. Mega-popular superstars, that include Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, use the app. Musers can simply dream posts, comment, ask inquiries and invite visitors to release duets. They can uncomplicated mention his / her musical. Ly content articles directly on additional sociable force platforms, and like most of a platforms, musical. Ly has long been hashtag centric. Last year, the very #DontJudgeChallenge went viral due to musical. Ly’s musers. The very sociable force campaign was attending get over tech shaming, according to MTV, but then uncomplicated conduct the opposite simply by reinforcing beauty “ideals. “

Musical. Ly people distributed films of themselves shopping for “ugly” by having glasses, acne, location the teeth, thick eyebrows and feel locks. Sight the very video during the period of to experience a few of the #DontJudgeChallenge, and recognize that video does have almost 120 million sights directly on YouTube. Essentially, musical. Ly allows its own people right to go to town directly on an extremely creative trick. But then many of the app’s people are all young. What’s more, 1 if ever its own most valuable stars, Jacob Sartorius, has long been 13. He does have during the period of ten million followers on their app. Right to download and sign up for the very app, people need to be at the very least 13. But then let’s end up being genuine, it’s not next to impossible right to lie around your age directly on the online. What is live. Ly?

Live. Ly, the very live-streaming video app, has long been quite refreshing. It was highlighted in-may and racked up during the period of 2 million downloads directly on every month. Mainly because we’ve the majority accessed, and this driving rank for getting live-streaming sociable force by having Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live. Mainly because musical. Ly expectations tunes, live. Ly does have musers free of charge reign about how exactly they would like to pose followers and allows musers right to communicate with followers suddenly. Musers can pick taken from a number of different categories, that include make-up, life styles, sing, dance, and so on. , right to tag within their live films. So are these applications safeguard for the whole heart schoolers?

Probably. Nevertheless the next to impossible side has long been up to you. You’ll want right to ensure that your young man disables location reinforcement online free musically followers hack tool as part of the app directly on his / her telephone settings. After that from your app, you’ll want right to release 3 tabs from your app settings:

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First of all directly on live. Ly, people transmitting directly on into their musicl. Ly was feeling, so the inserting likes can simply remain the same as part of the live-streaming app. For getting live. Ly, stress the very need for exploring intelligent with all the current app. Live streaming has long been just what it sounds like; your own body’s young man would be live on the online, without the capability to edit the very video before everything else view it. Location of a live-stream has long been influential as it could provide for aside information regarding in which your own body’s young man lives and spends a while. Here is yet another step 4 to remember. Musical. Ly has long been certainly a minor music-based app, but not every one of the tunes are all young man friendly. You will discover thousands of song categories to choose from and the words looks dream millions of tunes, which means that your young man probably isn’t attending end up being singing Disney tunes.

Living Holy Us

Based on John 3:1-17 for Holy Trinity

Perhaps we could say that religion is like the house or the temple or the building dedicated to the Living Holy Other of that which we call God. But surely even using the word “God” already conjures up a variety of images and doctrines that either offer us some limited comfort of a tradition and/or a healthy congregation, or conversely, torment us with wounds and stridency from our encounters with “people of faith”, or with how we have been warped by bits of pieces of philosophy and theology we’ve breathed in from the world around us, from our parents, or peers.

Who or what is “God”? It turns out that our problem with “God” may be just that: “God”, the quotes suggesting in an ironic way that our “God” is a construct of what we have learned, heard, experienced often in the context of a particular religious tradition, or the lack of a tradition, in which case our sense of “God” is an amalgam of bits and pieces of our place in cultural history.  We struggle to find words to adequately express the nature and qualities of an encounter with the divine.  Religion becomes a distillate of experience, enshrined in normative dogm and practice.

Thus Christ, in John 3 is, like a good teacher, engaging Nicodemus in an adventure of a different sort of faith, an adventure of letting go of old constructs and opening up to the possibility of the Living Holy Other lurking within Nicodemus’ religion: GOD. GOD is beyond all definitions and beyond the strictures of religion. GOD as Living Holy Other can never be grasped or manipulated in the ways we attempt to do that with each other.

But this same Living Holy Other, as the very presence of the Christ, is the white light of yearning for depth relationship with creation, with creatureliness, with us. Indeed, in the Christ, we glimpse, as did Nicodemus, that which brought him to the Christ in the dead of night:  the possibility of a Holy Living Us!

This, then, is how I understand the complex and incomprehensible concept of the Trinity. As Rublev’s icon of the Holy Trinity portrays, it is about profoundly relational love. It is about “God” beyond all our abstractions. It is about “God” becoming for us GOD, the Holy Living Other become the Holy Living Us.  The Spirit invites us, the Christ takes up residence among us, and the Creator molds us all into a Holy Living Us, an abiding wholeness and life, born from above and beyond mere religion.

Here we are again: Mark 1:9-15

“This is the One, the Beloved.” At first, I thought I’d picked the wrong reading. Didn’t we just read this?

Yes, we did. We read these words as Jesus met John at the Jordan. Last week we read these words as Jesus the Christ was transfigured on the mountain. As we hear these words yet again on the first Sunday of our community retreat, it feels as if we’ve come full circle. We’re back where we started—or are we? Three times now—three times in just a few weeks—we’ve heard the words spoken: “This is the One, the Beloved.”  When I got past the feeling of whiplash, I heard the key word in all these iterations: Is. Not was. Not will be. This is the One—the Beloved. Wherever we are in the cycle of our lives, the Beloved, the Christ is with us.

Jesus the Christ is with us as we enter the retreat that begins our 100 day journey from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost. As we step onto this wilderness path, we are buoyed by the reminders we’ve received in the readings during the weeks of the Manifestation of the Christ. We’ve experienced Jesus the Christ calling everyone he encounters into new life. We’ve experienced him facing the demons that split us from one another and from the Holy. We’ve experienced him taking our hands and lifting us up into new life. We’ve experienced him clearing away the visible barriers that fracture our communities. We’ve experienced him drawing us into life that holds the tension between where we’ve been and where we’re going. And just in case we’re unclear about the path ahead of us, we’ve heard the Voice telling us that we are to listen to him—to listen to Jesus the Christ.

The message is clear: listen to the One who is always with us. When our suffering seems to have no end, listen to him. When we experience the separation of the wilderness—when we face the temptation to cling to the known and comfortable ways of the past—as we are tempted to bemoan our sins rather than open our hearts, minds and lives to transformation—as we are tempted to focus on our individual needs and desires, listen to him. This season of preparation for the Easter feast invites us to listen for the choices that stretch us to live together as the Body of Christ—to discern the path that is life-giving both for ourselves as individuals and for our common-union—to seek re-union and new life. Our retreat is a time of self-examination that leads us to reaffirm our baptismal covenant vows with renewed courage and in deep joy. Our retreat is a time of growing up and growing together and of growing closer to the Holy.

May we step into the mysterious waters of our retreat with courage and with faith in the presence of the Christ among us.

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