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The Keys

Are you seeking a Christianity that is vital, practical and wise?

Do you feel excited by new ideas in faith and spirituality, only to find they lack depth with attempted use?

Do you want traditions that are both fresh and time-tested?

If you're a 'yes' to these questions, you are not alone.

Signup for the Quadratos e-Letter, and receive your free copy of The Keys, an important excerpt from Alexander's seminal book, Heart and Mind: Second Edition. Every great work needs an equally great blueprint. The Keys reveals a rediscovered blueprint for reimagining ourselves as Christians. We are excited you are here - let's get to work.

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The two major events for Alexander each year are leading a lengthy Camino pilgrimage in Spain each September to November, and offering a five day retreat, “Gateway to Oneness.” Details below.

The Mystical Camino

Gateway to Oneness

2018 Events

Walking the Mystical Camino
with Alexander

The Mystical Camino

Walking the Mystical Camino
with Alexander

Journey the West’s Most Ancient Pilgrimage - The Camino

Monday, September 10 - Saturday, November 3, 2018

  • Be present with earth's sacred energies
  • Engage time-honored practices for transformation:
    • experience Quadratos' four paths
    • discover a harmony beyond the tension of opposites
  • Receive support from your ancestors and the saints
  • Share the experience within a small pilgrim community
  • Touch the spirit of fellow pilgrims across millennia
  • Renew your vital center
  • Prepare for the return home

55 days. Limited to 8 pilgrims.
Transformational Tours Australia

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“Transformation is, in my experience, a word that is overused. In order for an experience to be transformative, it must truly change me at my core and the change must survive the test of time.

My second Camino, I walked with Alexander. It had a qualitative difference from the first. Now I wake up each day with the experience buried deep inside of me. The memories are haunting and vivid. The places we stayed were the best of the best. The connections and friends made were meaningful and lasting. And the lessons learned are now part of me. I am not only grateful but a better person for having walked the Camino with Alexander. Transformative? Yes!”David

Gateway to Oneness

Gateway to Oneness

Gateway to Oneness

Reimagining Us as Christians

Do you sense that the Christian Feasts have become static, historical proclamations? Would you like to experience Easter as a present moment resurrection in your life? Are you seeking a community that truly empowers you to be you, and builds oneness by honoring diversity?

Gateway to Oneness is far more than the restoration of our ancient and cosmic Easter. Gateway brings together every element of The Four-Gospel Journey to forge a fresh way for us to be Christians and Christians together.

Through prayer with nature, presentation, reflection, sharing, and simple art making (if you wish), participants experience a deep encounter with the sacred and the oneness of all. Led by Alexander and Team.

  • Engage in a contemporary practice of making communion with self and others
  • Learn how resurrection is a vital life - here and now
  • Experience early Christian rituals and meditative chant in an inspiring fresh setting
  • Celebrate a radiant, contemporary Easter - rejoicing with the Cosmos

Contact: info@quadratos.com

If you would like to bring Gateway to Oneness to your area of the world, we would love to hear from you at info@quadratos.com