Information and The Six-in-One Convener Text

All six guides in one volume in an easy-to-read format.

The Mission of Heart and Mind Communities

By Spirit’s grace, our collective efforts, shared resources and fervent prayer, we believe that Heart and Mind Communities are helping to birth Christianity anew.

We also believe that this birth must be sheltered, and that our efforts need to be founded upon personal and communal growth, refreshed traditions, recovering The Great Journey’s map, and bringing all of these aspects together in sound spiritual formation experienced in a communal setting.

We are committed to transforming Christianity one heart by one heart, birthing Christian practice anew and changing ourselves as we change our world.

A Heart and Mind Community - Sequence of Six Guides

Use the Six-in-One Convener Text to form a Heart and Mind Community and make The Four-Gospel Journey.

The Six-in-One Text is designed for a convener’s use in facilitating the Heart and Mind Community gatherings. The Guide follows both the hardcover book Radical Transformation (2020) as well as the paperback/Kindle editions of Heart and Mind.

If you are considering becoming a convener, we recommend participating in an online Heart and Mind Community as facilitated by Annie Sempill or Donna Nicolson.  By experiencing Annie or Donna leading Guide 1 or 2, you will develop the comfort and skill to convene your own community and enable their journey.

In writing the Six-in-One Convener Text, our desire was to put in your hands, a quality, depth experience of spiritual formation and transformation. Those who have used the Six-in-One Convener Text report that this is exactly what happens.

Make a contribution to Quadratos

The cost to participate in a Heart and Mind Community is $44 per Guide per member. For the cost of a cup of coffee and a biscuit each time you gather, you are receiving seven years of work, continual evaluation and re-work by an international team of educators and spiritual directors. The Guides come to you today as an effective and proven process.

$44 per Guide per member, quite reasonable for work of this quality. Other courses with this quality cost $195 to $295 per ten sessions. And our deepest wish is to make this process available to EVERYONE who is willing to make the journey.

If $44 per Guide is not within your means, simply make your best contribution. If you have ample financial means, your contribution of more than $44 is greatly appreciated. It allows us to make this journey available for those with less means.

Your contributions aid our livelihood and keeps the work moving forward. Thank you!

Six-in-One Guide Information Packet

Heart and Mind Community
Information Packet

Free Download: The Information Packet is a free download designed for all who are considering forming a Heart and Mind Community. The Packet contains explanatory materials, a sample gathering from a Guide, and other resources.
Six-in-One Guide Convener Text

Heart and Mind Community
Convener Text

PDF Download: All six guides in one volume, in an easy-to-read format. Once purchased, a link to the Guide is included in your email receipt for immediate download.
Print Edition (* Plus Shipping): The print edition of the Six-in-One Guide/Convener Text is 288 pages, including 21 color pages. The Guide is held together with a pressure clasp, allowing you to easily remove pages (with imagery or text) for duplication.

Training Videos: Please email and request the link to our training videos that will help you to form, convene and nurture a Heart and Mind Community. 

Below is the face page of each guide that is included in the Six-in-One Convener Text. 

“We just completed Heart and Mind Community Guide 1. We are overwhelmed at how much this journey is meaning to us and how already, it is transforming the way we think and feel about everything.”Julian and Jennie

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