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100 DAYS

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An overview of the spirituality and practice of The Great 100 Days from Transfiguration Sunday until Pentecost.

Crafted in the late 2nd and 3rd century, the Great 100 prays that each of us may lay down our personal preferences and understandings – and ask Spirit to lead me, and to lead us – to grow in oneness.

This oneness is not uniformity but that of a diverse harmony given us not by our ego effort but by Spirit’s grace.

The Great 100 (from Transfiguration to Pentecost) is the community’s annual retreat and festival. It is not about penance but our sincere yearning to grow in oneness.


This free video expounds upon the non-penitential practices of fasting, alms-giving and intensive prayer as set in Theosis. These are the essential practices Alexander John mentions in the video, The Great 100 Days.

The Four-Gospel

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Welcome to the journey of radical (root) transformation. This six film series walks you across each of the four paths, as well as, preparing your heart and mind to make the journey and concluding with a film on the eight continuing practices of Quadratos.

This series was professionally produced by the company, The Work of The People in collaboration with Quadratos and Alexander John. 

The films may be rented one at a time, or as a set of six.

Advent - Christmas

These videos are provided without charge by a gracious gift from The Work of The People and Quadratos.