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Alexander John Shaia

Alexander Recounts...

"It was around 11 p.m., November 1, 2000. For some thirty years, I had puzzled a deeper truth in Early Christianity's choice of precisely four gospel texts and their sequencing into a Three-Year Sunday Reading Cycle. What lay behind those choices? Were they the result of a believed oral tradition? - winners in a protracted theological tussle? or were the four clearly inspired?

  • On that cold, clear, starry night in Northern New Mexico, I was up late reading Robin Griffith-Jones' The Four Witnesses.

    Suddenly, an answer arrived to my long held queries - an answer that satisfied both my critical mind and longing heart. I reached for a legal pad and furiously wrote in a first attempt to describe the contour of this new landscape.

    What followed has been years of research, questioning, challenging the premise, traveling thousands of miles, addressing hundreds of communities, leading seminars with clergy and spiritual leaders and writing, writing, refining and rewriting. Today that insight is called by a formal name - Quadratos. And the most complete exposition to date is found in my book Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation.

    On a clear cold starry night, an answer arrived that seems to hold great significance. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is a door to a new paradigm within Christianity, and a fresh dialogue with world spirituality, psychology, the arts and even science."

  • Alexander J. Shaia

    "Normally quiet and contemplative, Alexander has become an inspiring man on a mission."

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