Radical Transformation

Heart and Mind

 One Message in Two Editions

In this fresh lens, each gospel account is more than a telling of Jesus’ life and words. Each is the story of a practice in response to a core life question:

How do we face change?

How do we move through suffering?

How do we receive joy?

How do we mature in service?

In this setting, the four gospels form the great map of a universal journey – one of love, growth in wisdom and radical transformation.

Radical Transformation


Radical Transformation:
The Four-Gospel Journey
of Heart and Mind

Celebrating 20 Years
2020 Hardback Edition

Linen hardcover, re-edited text, 486 pages, large font, increased spacing and with Illustrations.
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Heart and Mind Paperback


Heart and Mind:
The Four-Gospel Journey
for Radical Transformation



Radical Transformation & Heart and Mind
Foreword by Marc Andrus: Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of California, USA.

Quadratos Schema

A guide to the four questions, paths, landscapes, seasons, time of day, compass directions and animal icons of The Four-Gospel Journey in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Lectionary Background

A history of the origins and development of the Three-Year Sunday reading cycle including links to full lectionary listings and readings for both Roman Catholic and mainline Protestant churches.

Chronologies of Gospel & Lectionary Compositions

Timelines of the origins of the four gospels and the development of the Sunday gospel reading cycle.

Meditation on The Prologue

From The Gospel of John.

Sandplay in Spiritual Direction

Beyond Insight or Centering.