The 13 Days of Christmas

Celebrating the Wonder and Awe of Birth

This long awaited publication by Alexander John Shaia brings new depth and meaning to the celebrations and traditions of Christmas, rejoining the Festival of Christmas with its roots in the Celtic celebration of the Winter Solstice.  

The ancient Celts celebrated for 13 Days at the Solstice in honor of the mysteries and power of birth, believing the Solstice to mark the rebirth of the sun and with its growing light the promise of life returning amid the barrenness of winter. Early Christians saw the beauty and truth of the Celtic rituals and added a new layer to the story—the story of a universal Jesus the Christ, born anew like the sun, in the midst of our own seasons of outer and inner darkness.

Follow along from the Winter Solstice to the 6th of January with Alexander John’s simple meditations and celebrations for each of the 13 days. This small book offers an essential practice for our time. We must remember that darkness is not the end. Rather, in the very moment of the deepest dark, new life begins.

Enjoy this special time-limited release through the 6th of January 2021 and partner with Alexander John in this work.

We invite you to purchase the PDF, use the material, and complete a brief online survey before the end of January to receive a 20% discount when you pre-order the book in its final form next Autumn. A link to the survey will be emailed to you on the 7th of January.

PDF will be available beginning 6 December.

The 13 Days of Christmas


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The Great Tree - Celtic & Christian

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The Robcast with Rob Bell


This Robcast has become a Christmas classic. Many listen to it each and every December.

December 11, 2017 ~ Alexander John Shaia on the Mythic Power of Christmas
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