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The Four Gospel Journey Curriculum is for Christian communities interested in engaging the four gospels in a fresh way.

By Spirit’s grace, our collective efforts, shared resources and fervent prayer, we believe that The Four-Gospel Journey is helping to birth Christianity anew.

Based upon Alexander John’s seminal work – Radical Transformation: The Four-Gospel Journey of Heart and Mind, the Curriculum links the four ancient, universal questions of spiritual formation with the power of the four gospels.

More than a historical account of Jesus’ life, the gospels provide a map for our ongoing human experience across life’s four great questions:

How do we face change?

How do we move through suffering?

How do we receive joy?

How do we mature in service?

Community sessions offer video, art, and hymns to expand the connections between each gospel and question. Within this proven approach, the gospels become a vital guide to daily life, personal and communal spiritual transformation.

The Curriculum Package contains all that is needed for a pastor / lay preacher to guide their community through the four spiritual questions and gospels.

The Package Includes:

  • Access to The Four-Gospel Journey six-video series for 6 months – worth $89.99
  • 1 hour Zoom teaching with Alexander John (Session 3)
  • Provision of the Curriculum – 2 Introductory Sessions plus 4 sessions per gospel (total 18 sessions)
    • Hymnal connections (links and commentary)
    • Artistic perspectives (PowerPoint presentation)
    • Reflection and Insights
    • Personal / Group Reading Guide
  • Leadership support
    • Promotional Brochure
    • Leader / Participant Guides
    • Consultation with the Curriculum Support Team
  • Invitation to congregants to sign up to Quadratos Quarterly. Each new subscriber will receive a free copy of “The Keys” – chapter Two of Radical Transformation (it is possible to unsubscribe at any time)
  • Invitation for Church to purchase several copies of RT for loan to congregants (*discount for 3 copies?)
  • Invitation for congregants to purchase Radical Transformation
  • Invitation for pastors and group leaders to join Annie for a Heart and Mind Community Information Session, with a view to participation in a Heart and Mind Community.
  • Invitation to Go Deeper – 1 hour Zoom with Annie & Anne M-P (late in Curriculum) – Introduction to Heart and Mind Community.

In return, we ask for:

  • An initial financial contribution from the Faith Community (tiered according to the number of participants). See below.
  • 4 Path-Offerings – participants are invited to make a Freewill Contribution / Gratuity offering at the end of each path – if they have found the journey to be beneficial.
  • Completion of a feedback questionnaire and provision of a testimonial after the First Path
  • Completion of a feedback questionnaire and provision of a testimonial after completing the process


Your contribution is based on the size of your congregation.

Up to 50 people

51 - 100 people

101 - 500 people

Over 500 people