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An Intentional Rite of Passage with mentors Annie Sempill and Alexander John Shaia.

Engage in time-honored practices for transformation:
  • Be present with yourself
  • Develop mindfulness
  • Experience Quadratos’ four paths
  • Discover a harmony beyond the tension of opposites
  • Receive support from your ancestors and the saints
  • Share with a small intentional community
  • Touch the spirit of pilgrims across millennia
  • Renew your vital center
  • Prepare for the return home


2 September - 3 November, 2023

Quadratos LLC with Strawberry Moon Enterprizes are delighted to offer an in-depth 2023 Camino with Annie and Alexander John as your mentors. The pilgrimage has a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 pilgrims.

If you are interested, please read “Further Information”. Next, click on the button “Express Interest”  to fill out the form. We will then contact you by email.



A one-week walking retreat in Spain
with mentor Annie Sempill.

A considered time of walking, taking time away from your usual routine of life, can turn a “holiday” into a meditative Pilgrimage – an outer and inner journey of personal reflection and growth. Annie would be delighted to accompany you, creating a tailor-made package, with some or all of these options:

  • Online preparatory meeting (individual or group)
  • Online Individual or Group Coaching – prior to your arrival
  • Opening Retreat Session
  • Daily Pre-Walk Meditation
  • Daily Evening circle/reflection time
  • Closing Retreat
  • Individual or Group Coaching – after your departure

At the time of booking, a copy of Returning From Camino will be sent to you, to enhance your journey.

Your Retreat hosts, Rosa and Matt will be delighted to provide further details and take your booking.

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