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Discover new things about yourself, navigate the obstacles and challenges of each path and take action to reshape your life.

Through a series of coaching conversations, accredited coach, Annie Sempill will support you to gain insight and greater personal awareness, to change behaviours and ultimately achieve results that satisfy you.

Annie offers to walk in free and safe relationship with you as you:

  • Face change
  • Tap into your inner wisdom
  • Discern and press into personally authentic ways of being and/or doing
  • Take meaningful and consistent action towards your goals
  • Optimise your full potential and achieve real and lasting results


  • Individual Coaching Sessions €80 (approx $94)

    One 45-60 minute online coaching session with Annie.

  • Six Sessions Package €444 (approx $524)

    A series of six 45-60 minute online coaching sessions with Annie over a five to six month period.


Individual free 20-minute consultation with Annie

Annie Sempill

Annie Sempill

Quadratos Coach

Having been introduced to Heart and Mind in 2015, Annie has used the Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation as a guide through significant life changes. In 2019, Annie walked the Camino de Santiago as an intentional rite of passage with Alexander John and has subsequently joined the Quadratos team, with a focus on Heart and Mind Community formation and Coaching.

Prior to this, having raised her family and worked in the UK, Annie worked as a social work consultant, trainer, mentor and coach in Northern Iraq and Syria.