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Trainings & Retreats

  • The Mystical Camino

    Walking the Mystical Camino

    with Alexander John Shaia

    Monday, September 10 - Saturday, November 3

    55 days. Limited to 8 pilgrims.
    Transformational Tours Australia

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    Journey the ancient pilgrim’s route across Spain

    • Be present with earth's sacred energies
    • Engage time-honored practices for transformation:
      • experience Quadratos' four paths
      • discover a harmony beyond the tension of opposites
    • Receive support from your ancestors and the saints
    • Share the experience within a small pilgrim community
    • Touch the spirit of fellow pilgrims across millennia
    • Renew your vital center
    • Prepare for the return home
  • Gateway to Oneness

    Gateway to Oneness: Reimagining Us as Christians

    Contact: info@quadratos.com

    • Engage in a contemporary practice of making communion with self and others
    • Learn how resurrection is a vital life - here and now
    • Experience early Christian rituals and meditative chant in an inspiring fresh setting
    • Celebrate a radiant, contemporary Easter - rejoicing with the Cosmos

    Early Christian practices and ancient rituals set in contemporary expression form the foundation of Gateway to Oneness - a journey of spiritual transformation. Through prayer with nature, presentation, reflection, sharing, and simple art making (if you wish), participants experience a deep encounter with the sacred and the oneness of all. Led by Alexander John Shaia, Cath Connelly and Team.

    If you would like to bring Gateway to Oneness to your area of the world, we would love to hear from you at info@quadratos.com

Presentation Topics offered by Alexander

Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation: Second Edition


Four Questions, Four Paths, One Journey:

The Gospels as a Guide for the Spiritual Life, A Retreat, or Education Series for Clergy or Laity

Alexander examines the four Christian gospels, the original communities for which they were written, and the ancient gospel reading sequence. By placing ourselves in conversation with these early communities, we explore common dilemmas including how they speak to the four great questions of the spiritual life - Matthew: How do we face change? Mark: How do we move through suffering? John: How do we receive joy? Luke: How do we mature in service? For further details about Alexander and his most recent book, download the flyer.

Explore how the gospels help us address the complexities of contemporary life and are a map of our never-ending spiritual journey.

Preaching Matthew's Gospel


Preaching Matthew's Gospel (Year A):

A Day for Preachers

As we return to Lectionary Year A and the Gospel of Matthew, we will explore issues and spiritual dilemmas of Matthew's historical community, a relationship between the three-year cycle, the four gospels, and the four great questions of the spiritual life, and progressive Matthean themes across Year A with special focus on Avent, Lent, and Sundays after Pentecost/Ordinary Time. For further description, download the flyer.

Christian Antioch's spiritual dilemma and its practical wisdom for today... Ideas for preaching Matthew week after week...

Moments of Change


Facing Moments of Change:

A Retreat or Education Series for Individuals and Groups

Addressing change is a critical need. Communities, congregations, and individual lives are demanding we face it with ever more rapidity. But how? With our return to Lectionary Year A (and the Gospel of Matthew), we have an opportunity to bring worship and daily life together. With Matthew as our guide, Alexander will share everyday practices so that we might greet change with much more serenity. For further description, download the flyer.

Explore simple, ordinary practices to hold us when all around seems ash or trembling ground.

Four Passions


The Four Passions:

For Clergy/Preachers or Congregations

This day-long or multi-day presentation can be built as an education series or more reflectively as a retreat. Based on group needs, it may include a study of all four Passions as narratives of our spiritual dilemmas today and practices to resolve them or an in-depth study of the two Passions of Year A: Matthew and John. For further description, download the flyer.

Understanding the Passions as they relate to spiritual dilemmas then and now... Exploring new ideas for preaching, study, and liturgical planning...