Online Communities

Online Communities

The Mission of Heart and Mind Communities

By Spirit’s grace, our collective efforts, shared resources and fervent prayer, we believe that Heart and Mind Communities are helping to birth Christianity anew.

We also believe that this birth must be sheltered, and that our efforts need to be founded upon personal and communal growth, refreshed traditions, recovering The Great Journey’s map, and bringing all of these aspects together in sound spiritual formation experienced in a communal setting.

We are committed to transforming Christianity one heart by one heart, birthing Christian practice anew and changing ourselves as we change our world.

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Information & Payment:

Each Gathering is 60-90 minutes, depending on the size of the community.

Each Community is limited to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 participants plus the Convener.

A Community begins with Guide One and (if one wishes) continues through Guide Six.

Each Guide consists of 8-11 Gatherings, and costs $44.00 US per member.

Payment for Online Community

In Preparation:

  1. Purchase a paperback or Kindle copy of Heart and Mind or a hardback copy of Radical Transformation. It is not necessary to have read the book beforehand.

  2. Upon your registration, a participant agreement (called a Pilgrim Agreement) will be emailed to you. The Convener will discuss the agreement during the Orientation Meeting. Afterwards, a signed copy of the agreement is to be returned to her before the first Gathering of Guide One.

  3. Participants do not need to purchase a Six-in-One Convener Text. All needed materials will be copied and emailed to you by the Convener.

  4. Gatherings are live video using Zoom. You do not need a paid subscription to Zoom, but you do need to download the free Zoom app. You will need internet speed adequate to access live video.

  5. Each participant commits to be present for all of the Gatherings in Guide One.

  6. At the end of each Guide, you will be asked to discern your continuing participation before beginning the next Guide.

Community Conveners

Annie Sempill

Annie Sempill

Annie is a British citizen who is currently living in Northwest Spain. She has a background in child protection social work, with a passion for justice and supporting others through transitions, including personal and community development. She has served as a consultant in both the UK and the Middle East and is an accredited coach with ICF (International Federation of Coaches). Annie brings all of her energy and talents to Quadratos and is ready to help you form a Heart and Mind Community as well as to connect worldwide with others on the journey.