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Quadratos is...

. . . a new name for the ancient four-fold journey of spirit and transformation.

  • The journey is universal, sequential, and cyclical. It is recognized by every major religious faith and school of psychology and forms the very heart of Christian belief and practice.

    At its most universal, the pattern of Quadratos is found in our experience of the four seasons and their cycle.

    Within Christianity, Quadratos provides a deeper understanding of Jesus the Christ and a new foundation for affirming early Christianity's choice of four gospels and the ancient - now restored - gospel reading sequence for Sunday worship.

    The four progressive paths of Quadratos correspond to the four gospels and the four great questions of the spiritual life.

    Each gospel's question and practice is revealed within a particular landscape and its human experience.

  • The Journey of Quadratos

    First Path: How do we face change?
    Climbing the Great Mountain of Matthew

    Second Path: How do we move through suffering?
    Crossing Mark's Stormy Sea

    Third Path: How do we receive joy?
    Resting in John's Glorious Garden

    Fourth Path: How do we mature in service?
    Walking Luke's Road of Riches