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Fall Leaves
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Fall Leaves

First Path

Across time and culture, people have felt a desire for permanence.

  • In reflections of their desire, they have imbued physical landscapes - particularly high mountains and standing stones - with meaning. Mountains connote the eternal; they represent basic and unchanging security.

    Nonetheless, at some point, even rocks crumble. All of us come to the experience of enormous loss.

    Whatever it is that we believed would stand forever, trembles and falls. Dark chasms and precipices appear with the suddenness and drama of a volcanic eruption. It is precisely at this point that we find ourselves standing on the first path, barefoot and covered in ashes.

    This is where the millennia disappear and we are on "common ground." Our hearts could as well be in first-century Antioch on the Orontes, in the days following the destruction of the Great Temple in Jerusalem and the massacre of the Jewish priests and their families.

    Perhaps our rocks that crumble are not as dramatic. Yet as the Messianic Christians did, we may also turn to the Gospel of Matthew seeking answers.

  • How do we face change?

    Question: How do we face change?

    Emotion: Feelings of betrayal

    Season: Autumn

    Time: Sunset to late evening

    Gospel Metaphor: Climbing the Great Mountain of Matthew