Green Grass of Summer

Fourth Path

The fourth path makes it possible for all our childhood dreams - and our adult hopes and aspirations - to become realities.

  • One would think everyone on the planet would be lining up to walk down this road. Instead, the fourth path is largely neglected and often omitted as a formal part of most spiritual and psychological processes.

    The problem is that no fundamental change actually occurred on the third path.

    We had a wonderful revelatory moment, but it has thus far served only one purpose. It has made us more conscious.

    Nonetheless, filled with new energy and excitement about our fresh insights, we confidently stride out of the safety of the third path's garden and into what we are certain will be our renewed and joyous life. However, the realities of the fourth path - real life - come charging straight at us the minute we take our first steps.

    But as we stand in the courage of our journey, remaining steadfast no matter what difficulties we encounter, we find much more joy than we have ever known to be possible.

    Gradually, as we walk this path, we learn how to express our singular and completely original life in a way that serves others - and ourselves.

    Luke's communities in the mid-80s of the first century were beset by many problems. They had been formally removed from Judaism, and the Roman Emperor decreed them to be illegals. How were they to maintain perseverance and equanimity in face of such opposition? Though our social and planetary difficulties are different, Luke's answers are timeless.

  • How do we mature in service?

    Question: How do we mature in service?

    Emotion: Feelings of equanimity, and that all belongs

    Season: Summer

    Time: Late morning to sunset

    Gospel Metaphor: Walking Luke's Road of Riches